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The artistic name of Iris Dee Jay was born in 2003 cos my mother wanted to call me this way and not Raquel (my real name).

Before 1999 I was a painter and a real music lover. The charcoal and, then, the oil paintings were my main tools. In the meanwhile I enjoyed music from the old vinyls and cassettes. These points were my basics before getting my first computer. They were a new way to create.

I started producing music in 1999. After staying a while checking the old trackers, I got involved with computer based sequencing.

After working as a team with several formations, I started my solo career as a DJ and producer performing in several events and raves.

Some great achievements to date have been appearing on Spanish television, being on the cover of newspapers, making collaborations with female and male singers from all around the world (from classical musicians to trumpet players and guitarists) or, as a curious event, releasing a track in the old magazine Computer Music. Do you remember?

In 2010 I collaborated with my great Finnish friend and vocalist Maria Opale. Our track “Leave A Sign” was picked up by Armada sub label Magic Island owned by Roger Shah. Some months later a new release would be coming out from Black Hole Recordings. It was our time!

Another big label offering its support was Bonzai Music. Airwave gave me the chance to start this new friendship with this label’s staff.

In the meanwhile, new artistic projects not related to music were coming. My favorite one was graphic design. Since long time ago I had been working with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. From that point I got involved in a new creative project as a web designer.

Life getting a creative job is amazing. Whatever thing you feel and see all around is a good excuse to create something new or to express yourself. As soon as an idea comes to my head I take my laptop and start working; no matter if it’s a sound or just a composition coming from a view.

The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless. Jean-Jacques Rousseau


This section is dedicated to some tracks produced by myself and released in different labels that I’m offering as a free download. If you are interested in some other tittles just let me know.

Remember you can send your feedback, doubts about music or whatever using the contact form. Hey! I am here to help!

Iris Dee Jay & Robert Holland Feat. Erin



Iris Dee Jay & Robert Holland Feat. Erin



Iris Dee Jay & Robert Holland Feat. Erin

Into Night


Iris Dee Jay & Maria Opale



Iris Dee Jay & Robert Holland Feat. Erin

Take A Chance


Lastest Releases

RJ Chevalier Feat. Tara

Do What You Do (Iris Dee Jay Rmx)

Iris Dee Jay & Maria Opale

Broken Too

Music was my first creative passion. I worked as a producer for many years since 1999 and, one day, I decided to share my experience with others. Do you want to know more?

Want To Know More?

What about producing lessons?

The aim of producing lessons is offering the best at a great price. After working in many music schools and finding really high prices for teachers with a high cache but not a good service, I found out that something should be improved.

After many years teaching I’ve found out that it’s not a matter of a big name; it’s a matter of teaching itself. This is the reason why I have put all my effort in explaining the best way as possible.

Learning about music requires a big effort, especially when we talk about notes, chords and music basics. This is the reason why I always start from the beginning avoiding theory and guiding lessons to the listening. This way, the student learns in a comfortable and nice way. Lessons aren’t given as a package or full course. They are given month by month so it’s the student the one who choses how many months he/she needs to learn.

When the student starts composing from the beginning it’s a bit messy to create a cool project so, in my spare time, I always work on this. I’m an inspiration catcher! Music learning is a continuous progression and I try to help all along the path.


Cubase was developed by the German company Steinberg and released in 1989 for the Atari ST computer. It's one of the most complete music DAW available.

It can be used to edit and sequence audio or MIDI, and can host VST instruments and effects.

These are some of the basics you can learn about it. Just click to keep on reading


This is one of the oldest and most used sequencers. It started under the name of Fruity Loops and was developed by the Belgian company Image-Line, released for the first time in 1998.

These are some of the basics you can learn about this DAW. Just click to keep on reading


Ableton Live was released for the first time in 2001 and it's a very special DAW because of its particularities. It was created to become an instrument for live performances by itself. Then, of course, it can work as a sequencer and tool for composing, recording and other functions you know.

It's a big tool for djs because of its beatmatching option and a fantastic creative machine thanks of its two views: the arrangement one and the live session one.

These are some of the reasons why Ableton Live is one of the most used music softwares at the moment. If you feel curious and want to go, take a view at what we are going to learn about it.




I’m waiting for your news so if you have whatever doubt about courses, music or just if you want to say “hi”, you know you are welcome. I’ll get back to you at the earliest. Thank you for your visit!